Welcome to the West Midlands Palliative Care Guidelines developed by the West Midlands Palliative Care Physicians. Printed and / or digital copies of the 5th Edition Guidelines for the use of drugs in symptom control are available to purchase.

These guidelines are not meant to replace the many available texts on the subject of palliative care. They are a summary of the current practice of specialists working in palliative care in the West Midlands Region. It is acknowledged that there may be slight local variation and emphasis in practice.

Some of the management strategies describe the use of drugs outside their licensed indications. They are, however, established and accepted good practice.

This website is intended as an information resource for qualified medical staff and other health professionals caring for patients where palliative care is appropriate. The guidance is applicable to patients with cancer and other forms of advanced disease. It is important that health care professionals ensure that the information is suitable before using it in any clinical situation.


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