Seek specialist palliative care advice 

(see Transdermal opioid preparations for Transdermal fentanyl)

150 micrograms SC fentanyl = 10 mg  SC diamorphine = morphine 30 mg oral = 15 mg SC morphine

Suitable parenteral opioid for use in advanced renal disease under specialist guidance.

Also available as a transdermal patch (Transdermal opiod preparations) and as immediate release preparations (buccal, intranasal, sublingual and submucosal formulations) for incident pain (Incident pain).

Note very different dose conversions than Alfentanil (see Relative doses of Opiods).

Alfentanil and Fentanyl are different drugs.

Please be aware that when prescribing a syringe driver for fentanyl that the dose is micrograms per 24 hours whilst when administering a transdermal patch the dose is micrograms per hour

Fentanyl injectable preparations:
Injection (generic) 50 microgram per ml, 2ml and 10 ml ampoules Fentanyl (Sublimaze®) 50 microgram per ml, 10 ml ampoules